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Can my Modbus meters connect to Wattics?

Whatever your meter brand and model, the Wattics platform has been designed to integrate meters supporting Modbus communication protocols (RTU and TCP) via our Octopus Gateway unit.

We understand that many organisations have invested in submetering infrastructures and want these meters to be integrated fully with their new energy management software platform. For that reason we have partnered with a leading hardware technology company to produce Octopus, a Gateway unit running Wattics software for quick and direct integration of Modbus meters and associated data to Wattics Cloud Dashboard.

Together with Inputs/Outputs for integration of other data acquisition systems such as sensors and pulse counters, the Octopus Gateway is equipped with:

  • RJ12 connection for Modbus RTU (RS485) communications
  • Ethernet connection with full-duplex 10/100Tx connection for Modbus TCP operation.

Once your meters are wired to our Octopus Gateway unit you just need to configure the Gateway with our software tool. You will only need the information below:

  • Meter brand and model
  • Meter Modbus address
  • Serial line settings (baud rate, data parity, number of bits, number of stop bits)

Our Octopus Gateway unit is preloaded with drivers for more than 30 Modbus meters, so if you are lucky the integration can happen as soon as you’re ready! Otherwise, no worries we just need to develop a new Modbus driver for your meter and you may only need to wait for a few days!

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to know the list of meter supported and how to get your meters integrated. We’re just a click away!


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