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Automatic credit top up for Wattics SMS notifications


SMS notifications for alerts in the Wattics dashboard now has an automatic top up feature.

Each time a user requests a top up, the account billing user will receive a notification of a user’s top up request, after which the billing user will need to add credit for users to receive SMS notifications.

Billing users can choose to do a manual top up (minimum €10 per top up) or they have the option of having their credit card automatically charged for top ups.

If enabled, the credit card associated with the billing user’s account will be charged with €20, each time the available credits fall below the cost of sending one SMS (€0.18/SMS).

If you are a billing user, enable the automatic top up in your account, by following the simple steps below:

1. Log into your Wattics dashboard

2. Go to ‘My Account’

3. Select ‘SMS Subscriptions’ and tick the auto-recharge option

Again, the auto-recharge option will automatically add €20 to your account every time the available credit falls below €0.18

Billing users will receive an email notification each time their credit card is charged.

For manual SMS top ups, billing users can choose the top up amount, with a minimum of €10 per top up.

If you have any questions about topping up your SMS credit, please contact Wattics at:

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