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Setting Up Your White-Label Platform Login Page in Your DNS

Managing DNS by Adding “A” record on GoDaddy for the login page of your White-Label platform…

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How to add a datapoint to your platform

The article describes how to add/create any datapoint whether it is an electrical meter, gas, water, HDD, CDD or a numeric value datapoint….

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Getting a user account to access the Wattics Dashboard

The creation and release of user accounts varies depending on whether the request relates to a new installation or to an existing site. User account…

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How to manage users and access rights from the Dashboard Admin pages

This post describes how to create, delete and manage users and access rights from the Admin page within your Dashboard account. Log in to the…

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Can the Wattics dashboard be re-branded?

We partner with energy service companies, facility management companies and other organisations who use and resell our dashboard to their own customer…

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How to Setup/Update A Credit Card

If your email address is registered as a billing user, you can update your credit card by clicking on MyAccount on your platform, as shown in the…

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How the Wattics prorate charge works

This article explains the prorated charges applied to new data points created, reflected in customers’ invoice with each billing period….

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How to associate sites and organisations to users

How admin uses can associate other users to sites and organisations, send welcome emails so the users can view those sites in their account…

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How to embed Google Drive docs and folders

Google Drive folders and PDF documents are a great way to share information between many people at once, making them a powerful tool to engage with…

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SMS notifications for Wattics alerts

This article explains how users of the Wattics energy management platform can set up SMS notifications for Sentinel, PUE and Custom alerts…

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