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Wattics Enterprise Energy Management & Monitoring System Dashboard

Our innovative cloud-based enterprise energy management dashboard lets you manage, monitor, and analyze energy use online in one place. For energy professionals, consultants, facility managers, everyone.

Why Wattics Energy Monitoring Dashboard?

Analytics powerhouse

Comprehensive array of energy analytics dashboard tools to diagnose resource inefficiencies, measure & verify savings, monitor, track and report GHG emissions and more

User-friendly dashboard

Visualise and analyse smart meter, sensor, and IoT data from thousands of buildings with a user-friendly, personalized cloud based energy dashboard

Flexible data integration

Integrate data streams from a variety of meters, sensors, data collection systems, files and repositories, through our many supported data integration mechanisms

Wattics air analitycs

Now Available!

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NEW! Energy & Indoor Air Monitoring software for buildings

[Just Launched] Monitor, visualise and analyse the quality of the air in your buildings and better understand its impact on your energy bill. Take advantage of a limited offer!

Coming Soon to Wattics

This winter, Wattics will bring RESET's viral index to its air quality monitoring dashboard - WatticsAir. The viral index calculates your facilities' airborne infection potential which is expressed as a percentage.

Discover Our Energy Monitoring Dashboard Features

Real-Time Analysis

Speed up your day-to-day cloud-based energy management process through configurable widgets to monitor measurements, metrics and savings, and with a feed of all the energy wastage and failure notifications detected by our analytics software engines.

Formula Composer

With the recently released Formula Composer tool you can create formula-based meters/graphs by doing operations and conditions across real meters, data points, constants and any numeric value. All created formula-points can be added to the cloud based dashboard and used for reports, charts and alerts. UPD: Added X-axis to find a correlation factor and linear regression formula in 2 clicks.

Trend Analytics

Don’t waste any more time analysing raw measurements. Let our analytics engines compare your energy use against expected patterns and alert you when your consumption becomes abnormal.

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Measurement & Verification

Set baseline/reporting periods and routine/non-routine adjustments and let Wattics model your energy use and calculate kWh and €/$ savings according to IPMVP.

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Tariff Analytics

Assess the expected savings when negotiating new energy contracts with Utilities. Enter the tariffs offered by the various Utilities and our tool will calculate how much you would have paid for the past 12 months with each tariff for immediate benchmark.

Alarms & Events

Create alerts and be notified as soon as cost or consumption deviates from the expected pattern. You can choose between alerts based on percentage increases/decreases, alerts based on thresholds comparison, and alerts based on power activity between time windows. Receive real time alerts on your dashboard, via email & sms.

Analyse & Compare consumption data/trends

Analyse and compare your consumption and associated costs to identify where your money is spent within your organisation and where energy saving efforts must focus on. You can discover increase/decrease trends over periods and calculate your savings. You can also enter adjustment values.

Operations Wastage Analysis

Evaluate quickly patterns of power consumption and when peak load demand happens. Calculate potential savings and model new consumption schedules.

Power Quality Analysis

Access and visualise the wide range of electrical parameters for deep power quality analysis. Navigating through different periods of time allows you to visualise the latest kW, PF, V, I and kVA readings and analyse daily/weekly patterns. Data can be exported in one click to image, PDF and CSV format.

Performance Metrics

Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is a measure of how efficiently a data center uses energy. Wattics energy dashboard software provides you the tools to monitor in real-time your data centre PUE and be alerted whenever inefficiency is detected.

Actions Tracker

Organise your energy-saving projects in one place to reduce the time spent on tracking installations and behavioural changes. Compare daily average cost calculations to prove your project’s savings for clients or for certification.

Data Import/Export

Control the import and export of energy data in the Wattics energy monitoring dashboard. Apply adjustment data to your analysis for a better understanding of the factors impacting energy use.

Manage Users/Admin Tab

Manage your organizations, sites, meters, and users and restrict the Wattics functionalities available to them. Create automated monthly reports for your stakeholders. You can also view your energy data in the Wattics database to troubleshoot hardware problems. Available in 7 languages.

Connect your solar data to Wattics

Wattics has integrated with the SolarEdge API to assist users of solar PV systems to improve visibility into and better manage solar power generation. Renewable energy suppliers, as well as commercial and industrial companies who own solar systems, are able to tap into a new dimension in solar energy management and performance through machine-learning and analytics to determine a range of new insights.

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Embedded Pages

The ‘Embedded Pages’ tool allows you to view useful web pages alongside your data analysis in the Wattics system dashboard, without constantly having to open a new tab. Share energy efficiency tips with customers, add another portal related to your existing services, check electricity price overview websites, Wikipedia articles, tutorial videos and any additional content which brings additional value to customers.

Interactive Notes

Interactive notes allows energy managers to interact by sharing notes and comments about data patterns and other events associated with sites, energy meters, business and sensor data to improve collaboration and service to customers.

Portfolio Analyst

Manage data for tens, hundreds, even thousands of sites with ease using the ‘grouping’ and ‘tagging’ features of the Portfolio Analyst to easily identify the buildings/sites for analysis.

Map View

Have a multi-city or multi-national project? Your customer wants to see all sites on a map with quick access to key information? This tool got you covered.

Favourite Dashboards

Our Favourite Dashboards feature allows you to ‘bookmark’ selected analyses & graphs for quick reference and reporting, showing on TV key performance and embed to customer’s website.


How to know kWh/m2, kWh/sq.feet, kWh/CDD, m3/kg etc. This tool allows comparing multiple sites based on their size, occupancy, production and many more.

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