Cutting high energy consumption & identifying cost savings at Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane

Case Study: Hotel Energy Management (UK/Ireland)


Clayton Hotels is a chain of hotels throughout Ireland & the UK renowned for offering a warm welcoming atmosphere and superior service. Clayton Hotels boasts a rapidly growing portfolio with 17 established hotels in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Cardiff, Leeds, London and Manchester Airport. Clayton is the sister brand to the Maldron Hotel Group, both of
which are operated by the Dalata Hotel Group.

Problem to be solved

Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane had a history of high consumption and unaccounted for energy spikes which costed the hotel extra thousands of Euro each month. They required a solution that would help them to quickly identify and alert them to periods of excessive consumption, unplanned energy spikes as well as other areas of operational waste – to reduce kWh expenditure, energy costs and improve overall energy efficiency.

The hotel’s maintenance management department also found several energy inefficiencies eg. AC was left on in non-critical areas during off-peak times and multiple fans were manually overridden to “on”.

Clayton Hotels’ Leisure Centre was found to be one of the highest energy-consuming areas 


Sub-metered areas and appliances such as air-conditioning units, fans, pumps, electricity main (DB) were monitored by smart meters and connected to Wattics. Incoming data from monitored circuits was ready for analysis in a matter of minutes. With the Wattics platform, Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane is able to:

  • Monitor and track energy consumption in real-time
  • Get remote access to consumption information and receive automatic data updates for all its monitored sites
  • Alert/notify facility personnel of energy spikes and abnormalities in consumption so that immediate action can be taken
  • Perform operations wastage analysis to identify areas of energy waste and opportunities for savings
  • Benchmark and compare energy consumption trends
  • Save time and money, having a unified platform through which all monitored circuits consumption data is visible. No more manual data collection.
  • Incorporate historical data to view trends over time
  • Work with an easy-to-use platform and interface to get the job done
  • Document energy analysis and savings for dissemination


• Clayton Hotels Cardiff Lane has saved hundreds of thousands in kWh and thousands of Euro in energy costs since working with the Wattics platform in 2014 (Figure 1).

hotel energy consumption
Figure 1: Decreasing kWh consumption 2014 – 2019


“When I started working with Wattics, it was more than I expected, the wide range of system functionalities is unbelievable! The software is very good, I’m really happy with it”

– Ioan Luntrariu, Facility Manager, Clayton Hotels Cardiff Lane, Dublin, Ireland.


• Wattics alerted Clayton Hotels Cardiff Lane to a spike in energy consumption in the first quarter of 2019 (see Figure 2), coinciding with a report from its energy supplier that its energy supply costs reached approximately €31,000

Wattics hotel energy management alert
Figure 2: Alert to energy consumption spike Q1 2019
• Wattics has helped Clayton Hotels Cardiff Lane consistently identify high consuming appliances to offset unexpected consumption and costs and is on track to achieve €40,000 + in energy savings in the 2018 – 2019 financial year.

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