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Energy Management & Monitoring Software For Commercial Buildings

Unlock the energy and cost-saving potential of the retail outlets, hotels, universities, warehouses, offices & other commercial buildings you own or manage    


Why Wattics For Commercial Buildings?


We know how difficult it is to accurately identify saving opportunities without the tools that enable you to drill down to the source of energy inefficient

equipment, appliances, operations, behaviours and processes for the buildings and facilities that you own and/or manage. Wattics provides you with

a robust cloud-based analytics dashboard from which you can interrogate your buildings’ operational and monitoring data, measure & verify savings, keep

track of saving actions and targets as well as scale energy and cost analysis for large building portfolios.

Monitor a variety of buildings

From retail stores, malls, hotels, fast-food chains & restaurants, to high-rise offices, co-working spaces and mixed-use buildings – we work with hundreds of partners around the world who deliver energy management services for commercial real estate & businesses.

Hotel & Leisure
Hotels, leisure centers, gyms, conference facilities

Shopping centres, outlet stores, restaurants, fast food chains, chain retail stores

Office Buildings
Skyscrapers, Co-working offices, rented/leased offices

Public & Government
Banks, museums, libraries, post offices

Schools & Universities
University buildings, colleges, schools

Logistics & Warehouses
Storage warehouses, distribution centres




Get the platform and solutions you need for your commercial energy efficiency projects

Manage all your projects in one place, online, with our energy specialists tools.

– Predict savings for large building portfolios

Visualise and analyse data for multiple buildings and sites, in varied locations across the world. Compare, for example, the energy performance of restaurants with similar operations in a city or generate a report of Co2 output of stores in multiple locations for a retail group.

– Get ISO50001/LEED/ESOS certification

Use your analyses and insights to help your clients meet the reporting requirements of recognised energy management & green buildings standards such as LEED, ISO 5001, ESOS, BREEAM etc

– Get white-labelled platform for your clients

Or enhance your current service offerings through energy analytics. Wow your customers with new insights, new branded energy saving reports, personalized energy dashboards, monitoring & analysis services.

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Get the platform and solutions you need for your commercial energy efficiency projects

Manage all your projects in one place, online, with our energy specialists tools.

 – Greater visibility into building performance

Identify with greater accuracy, resource inefficient, costly operations & behaviours. Visualise your data down to 5-min intervals for a particular floor in a building, group of appliances, piece of equipment and other metered facilities.

– Transform the way you do energy analysis

Our cloud-based analysis tools eliminate the complexity and manual calculation of energy baselines, Co2 and other energy equations to achieve the insights needed to decide on energy-saving actions. No more complex calculations through Excel.

– Automate time-consuming tasks

Automate monthly/daily energy savings reports to send to your clients and team members. Set up automated alerts to keep track of savings targets as well as to notify you of energy spikes & abnormal behaviours.

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Data Management & Visualization

Bring together your energy monitoring, operational & building data eg. occupancy, sqm, air quality, Co2, production into a unified view for analysis

KPI analysis & Benchmarking

Benchmark performance for your commercial buildings in locations around the world. Import your KPI data to track savings against goals & targets.

Measure & Verify savings

Forecast savings, payback period for energy saving projects. A preliminary analysis of savings potential so that you know where to focus your efforts.

Track progress toward energy saving targets

Keep track of savings targets & proactively respond to energy spikes and abnormal events through alerts & notifications.

Automated Reporting & Project Management

Improve collaboration on energy efficiency projects & share data/analyses safely and securely with team members or clients

Branded dashboards & Reports for your clients

Make the Wattics platform look like your own technology. Customise the energy dashboard, reports with your logo, colours & other branding elements.

CASE STUDY: London prime real estate

Full-service energy consultancy, Optimised Energy, based in London, UK, has been working with Wattics for more than 5 years.

Initially, the company delivered energy management services for single-site industrial facilities and has grown exponentially
over the last years.

Its success with the Wattics platform has led it to manage energy compliance & efficiency projects for more than 60 prime
commercial buildings with 300+ occupiers across London translating to 3,000 meters being monitored and 800m2
under management on the Wattics platform.

Through the Wattics energy analytics dashboard, Optimised Energy has launched new tools and services that engage their clients’
in energy and cost reduction, savings verification, asset performance & management, compliance with standards and regulatory bodies,
and transparent billing, especially in instances where there are multiple businesses/occupiers in a building.

As Optimised Energy continues to grow, the Wattics platform provides the tools necessary for the company to scale their
projects and services even further.

Prime London buildings

Meters being monitored

Square metres under management

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