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Hundreds of energy consultants, energy service companies (ESCOs), energy managers, energy suppliers, utilities, energy auditors, facility managers around the world use Wattics to discover energy and cost-saving opportunities to improve business performance and sustainability – according to recognised industry protocols and certification standards.
See how we’ve helped our customers achieve their goals.

Wattics Customer Success Stories

Luxury Fashion Retail Brand

Since the start of its partnership with Wattics, BEE has expanded its energy management services to 18 countries over 200 projects. With six regional offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Italy and more recently, India, BEE will continue to grow its global footprint over the coming years.

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Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

To date, PUCP has 6 LEED certified buildings all of which are currently monitored by Ecométricas, Regenerativa’s energy management and monitoring platform, powered by Wattics.

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Jurys Inn Hospitality

The Wattics dashboard identified the total energy consumption and operational times for significant energy consumers within the hotel such as the Bar & Restaurant Supply Fan, Kitchen Extract Fan and Kitchen Extract Fan. The hotel was successful in reducing the energy consumption for hotel air handling units by more than 25%.

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Clonarn Clover Food Processing

Since the introduction of the Wattics system, Clonarn Clover has utilised the information provided by the online energy Dashboard to become savvier with their energy usage and to optimise the operation of certain equipment. They have managed to reduce energy use by as much as 10% for some equipment by implementing simple but effective measures.

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Grant Engineering Manufacturing

The Wattics Dashboard can be utilized to assess the before-and-after picture for energy conservation measures. Grant Engineering was initially successful in reducing the standby energy use of its laser cutting machines by 65% and greater efforts helped to reduce this energy use even further.

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Centra Campile Convenience Retail

The retailer was successful in reducing
energy wastage and improving the energy efficiency of equipment within the store, seeing energy use fall by as much as 40% for lighting and close to 50% for refrigeration.

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CIT Cork Institute of Technology

“We are extremely happy with the Wattics appliance-level management solution installed in our Tourism and Hospitality department. The system has proven to be highly reliable and has been key to assist our future culinary and hospitality students to be aware of kitchen equipment operational costs and to be alerted when appliances are not in use to reduce power consumption.”
– Patricia Madden, Head of Green Team at Department of Tourism & Hospitality, CIT

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