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Wattics Update [May 2021]: New energy savings reports, smart tech integrations + 8 energy analytics articles

The first quarter of 2021 has given way to a series of new developments on the Wattics platform, which includes the release of 3 new report types,…

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TOP 8 reasons why your customers need energy monitoring in 2021

If you are an energy consultant, analyst or company providing energy analytics or related services to commercial & industrial businesses—be they…

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How to set up automated energy savings reports for your efficiency projects [A Wattics Guide]

As awareness of the importance of good energy management increases – given not only environmental consequences but the impact on your bottom…

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Visualise the energy performance of your building portfolio with our interactive map

When managing projects for a large number of buildings/sites spread across multiple locations, it is helpful to have a high-level view of their energy…

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Wattics Energy Analytics: 2020 Q4 feature releases + 2021 developments

With a large percentage of the global workforce still working remotely, and less time spent in indoor spaces outside of our homes, it has become…

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[Webinar] Evolution of energy efficiency in 2020-2021: Achievements and Trends

Why is it relevant for you? The need for intelligent buildings that are optimised for energy efficiency, integrate renewable energy sources, are built…

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Moving data points within the menu tree


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Upload electricity data to your Wattics platform through CSV files

Tags: analytics, csv, dashboard, electricity data, integration

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Degreedays.net integration for import of heating-cooling degree days

Tags: data analytics, degreedays, energy analytics, energy management

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