Posted On : February 6, 2018

Enel to deliver keynote at Wattics Energy Learning Community Workshop

Posted On : December 21, 2017

Wattics partner to EU’s FORTIKA cyber security project

Posted On : December 13, 2017

What the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means for our customers

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation has serious implications on how companies like Wattics store and process energy use data for their customers. Read More

Posted On : December 1, 2017

Tips for kWh and kW demand analysis, and finding what’s driving your energy use

Reducing energy costs starts by understanding what’s driving your energy use. Very often a daily or monthly kWh figure does not reflect what’s happening during the day. Find out what you need to know to identify what’s really happening (and what shouldn’t). Read More

Posted On : October 25, 2017

Building energy management systems market to reach $13bn by 2026