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Wattics Energy Analytics: 2020 Q4 feature releases + 2021 developments

With a large percentage of the global workforce still working remotely, and less time spent in indoor spaces outside of our homes, it has become…

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[Webinar] Evolution of energy efficiency in 2020-2021: Achievements and Trends

Why is it relevant for you? The need for intelligent buildings that are optimised for energy efficiency, integrate renewable energy sources, are built…

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Wattics and Smappee partner to deliver a data-driven solution to help building and business owners achieve higher energy savings & cut costs

  Smappee and Wattics Energy Analytics have teamed up to help business owners and managers of large commercial and industrial buildings analyse…

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Wattics and UAE’s Smart Sustainable Services to deliver data-driven building energy management solutions & digital tech services in MEA

Wattics is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Dubai headquartered energy service provider Smart Sustainable Services (SSS) to deliver an…

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Wattics collaborates with GBRI to promote green building design principles and practices globally

Dublin, 3 September 2020—Wattics has partnered with the Green Building Research Institute (GBRI), a research institute and education provider to…

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Wattics Energy Management Software Update Q3 2020: Improved machine-learning capability; Smappee partnership and more

In 2014, Wattics released Sentinel, a self-learning analytics engine enabling automatic discovery of energy anomalies and energy-saving opportunities,…

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Moving data points within the menu tree


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Upload electricity data to your Wattics platform through CSV files

Tags: analytics, csv, dashboard, electricity data, integration

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Degreedays.net integration for import of heating-cooling degree days

Tags: data analytics, degreedays, energy analytics, energy management

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