Energy Data Analytics Software Platform For Energy Professionals

Our cloud-based energy analytics platform lets you manage energy use online and analyze data all in one place. For energy professionals, consultants, facility managers, everyone.

Why Wattics Energy Analytics Software?

Hardware Agnosticism

The Wattics platform supports and is compatible with over 200 devices. Want to know whether your meters or devices are compatible with our energy management platform? Check our data integration page for more. If your device is not listed, contact us to find out how we can support you in pushing your data to Wattics.

Wide Functionality

The Wattics dashboard aka the “swiss-army knife” of energy analytics tools and features offering energy management professionals a unified platform from which to analyse data and create energy saving reports at a click of a button. No more time wasted in excel!

White Labelling

Take ownership of the fully white-labelled platform branded with your logo, colours, email, URL. Present the Wattics energy analytics software as your own and create a new revenue stream for your business by adding a margin for use of the platform. We will rebrand the platform for you in 2 working days, with no Wattics branding visible to your customers/users.

Fanatical Customer Success and Support

Our results-obsessed customer support and customer success teams are committed to helping you save time, money and realise your energy saving goals and targets. Our highly qualified and dedicated engineers are available to advise you – from selecting the appropriate hardware to identifying untapped potential for further energy and cost savings to help you get the highest return on your energy saving projects and initiatives.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible, affordable pricing built around your needs. No upfront payments required. Pay only for what you use on a monthly basis. Our elastic pricing model gives you the flexibility to increase and decrease subscription as you add/remove data points from the platform. Got 100 data points or more? and/or need a custom price plan? Contact us to learn how we can best accommodate your needs.

Improve Credibility and Competitive Positioning

Wattics energy analytics platform is leveraged by energy consultants toward achieving industry certifications such as ISO 50001, IPMVP, LEED and compliance with energy saving and emission trading systems such as EU ETS, ESOS, CHPQA, F-Gas and many more. Tools like the activity tracker or the M&V project management tool are instrumental in acquiring the points necessary for compliance. Read our latest LEED certification case study.

Trend Analytics

Don’t waste any more time analysing raw measurements. Let our analytics engines compare your energy use against expected patterns and alert you when your consumption becomes abnormal.

Manage Energy Efficiency Projects With Ease

Projected savings tools such as the M&V tool and Formula Composer assists in analyzing what energy savings measures would work best and track the success of the measure once implemented. These energy analysis tools help energy managers identify issues across energy and non-energy data, calculate CO2, GHG, RHI output and so much more.

Why Consultants Should Use SaaS Energy Analytics

Energy analytics systems are crucial for energy consultants; however, specifically software as a service (SaaS) energy analytics allow for a competitive edge. According to industry research, monitoring and targeting systems are the number one solution to deliver the fastest ROI for energy efficiency projects. The payback time for consultants is estimated at approx 3 months. See the top benefits of energy analytics.

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