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Air quality monitoring software to bring your buildings’ indoor air quality and energy efficiency into balance

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency doesn’t have to be a trade-off. See how you can unify your energy and air quality data and analyse how you can optimise both at the same time with the WatticsAir dashboard.

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    Integrate your energy, air quality and environmental data to analyse their impact


    PM 2.5

    PM 10











    How does it work?



    Connect your meter and sensor devices to Wattics cloud-based energy and air quality analysis dashboard. Wattics supports a wide variety of integration mechanisms to ensure seamless data collection.



    Your energy, air quality, environmental, operational and business data is imported on your Wattics dashboard. Import historical data to compare historical behaviour to current trends.



    Analyse the building and business processes with the worst impact on indoor air quality. Find correlations between energy and air quality. Create and share indoor display for continuous monitoring.

    Did you know that you can integrate your NO, NO2, O3 data too? This is made possible through our integration with OpenWeather

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    What’s in it for you

    Benefits for ESCOs, Consultants & Analysts

    Centralise your data into one system - no need for separate software systems

    Provide ‘one-stop-shop’ service for energy management & air quality management

    Brand indoor air quality displays with your logo and colours

    Attract more customers through a combined service offering

    Create local teams to better manage large-scale air quality projects for your client(s)

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    Benefits for Building Facility Managers & Engineers

    Improved balance between energy efficiency, cost and indoor air quality

    Maintain healthy indoor climate for happy, productive occupants

    Complete transparency in building performance

    Achieve higher ratings for green building & wellness certifications

    Boost confidence in re-opening doors to staff, customers & occupants

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    Suitable for a multitude of building types







    Key features

    Indoor Display

    Create stunning indoor displays of your facilities’ energy and indoor air quality performance

    Choose to display the parameters most relevant to your business/ indoor spaces

    Demonstrate indoor quality levels compared to outdoor air quality levels

    Check the latest readings for kWh, H20 PM 2.5, TVOC, RH, 03 and more from any device

    Leverage data visualization for behavioural change & awareness programmes

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    Wattics air analitycs

    Energy & Air Quality Monitoring + Analysis

    Create if this/then that calculations to better understand correlation between HVAC operation and IAQ

    Benchmark your indoor quality performance against recognised building sustainability and wellness standards eg. RESET, WELL, LEED

    Analyse business/building operations to identify sources & hours of poor air quality

    Measure & verify air quality retrofits & improvements

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    Looking for an air quality monitor?

    WatticsAir is fully integrated with leading air quality monitoring sensor providers.

    Have your own device? We can integrate it too!

    Talk to us about connecting your air quality and other environmental sensors to WatticsAir via industry-standard communication interfaces such as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Application Programming Interface (API).

    Air Quality Monitoring Software

    Is your facility a viral incubator?

    It's here! RESET's Viral Index monitoring is now available through WatticsAir

    Based on RESET's Viral Index, you will be able to continuously monitor the potential for viral infection based on the indoor air quality metrics that can be controlled by a building's or indoor space's air system—expressed as a percentage on the WatticsAir Indoor TV / Visual display eg. 85% (Excellent). Leave your details with us using the form below to receive updates.

    Bring your energy use and indoor air quality into balance with WatticsAir!

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