About us

It is our mission to turn complex energy data into clear, actionable insights.
Work with our team to support resource conservation with unique energy-saving solutions.

Antonio Ruzzelli
Antonio is behind the overall strategy, product roadmap, sales & investors relationships (and he loves Sardinia)
Anthony Schoofs
Anthony drives technology innovation, research and international tech partnerships.

Peter Penn
Technical Sales Manager
Peter makes energy management best practice accessible to a wide range of stakeholders

Giulia De Poli
Data Analyst
Giulia is our master of algorithms and smart solutions to automate the discovery of useful insights.

Michele Delle Vergini
Chief Front End
Michele puts his magic to features that bring immediate value to users of the Wattics system.
Thiago Nuic
Full Stack Developer
Thiago brings all the pieces together for the timely delivery of fully integrated & tested products.

Keith Herman
Financial Executive
Keith manages all aspects of accounting, auditing and finances. He's also a keen Gaelic football player.
Frank Keane
Board Director
As the Irrus Investment Board representative, Frank brings in-depth business expertise.

Deborah Miller
Board Advisor
As a recognized senior sustainability executive in the industry, Deborah shapes the company strategy.