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Energy Management & Monitoring Software for Smart Meters, Sensors & Your Business Data

Customer-facing smart energy monitoring system for growing teams of energy consultants, utilities and managers

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We believe in the power of software analytics to turn raw data in to actionable insights to create high-performance, energy efficient, cost-effective, net-zero buildings

Optimise your services and workflow with the Wattics Energy Management platform

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Energy Auditing

Identify highest energy-offending building equipment & appliances, energy inefficient operations & areas of waste in your facilities.

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Measurement & Verification of Savings

Wattics IPMVP M&V tool is your complete project management tool for ECM verification, and savings projection, tracking & reporting

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Energy & Cost Savings Tracking

Wattics ML engine & custom notifications alert you to abnormal consumption trends & events & behaviours so you can act proactively.

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KPI Analysis & Portfolio Benchmarking

Scale the creation, monitoring & analysis of energy KPIs & benchmarking for growing number of buildings, sites/facilities.

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Regression Analysis

Understand the impact of external variables for eg. production; degree days on consumption and create a savings model based on your inputs.

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Energy & CO2 Reporting

Provide timely insights to customers through customisable, automated monthly & daily energy & CO2 reports. Create your own bespoke utility bills for multi-tenant buildings & customers.

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Utility Bill Creation & Verification

Import data from your bills for monitoring, tracking and analysis. Verify values in your utility bills & understand costs associated with peak demand rates.

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Power Quality Monitoring & Analysis

Analyse multiple electrical parameters & behaviour per phase. Drill down & analyse peak demand in 15 or 30 min intervals to identify when the highest demand in kW or kVA occurred.

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LEED & ISO 50001 Certification

Accelerate your ISO 50001 certification process through comprehensive energy review + jumpstart LEED certification of your buildings with our Arc Skoru integration.

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Energy Management Software Analytics for Commercial Buildings

We can help you to identify resource saving opportunities & optimise the operations in the commercial buildings/sites you manage. Through the effective collection, management, analysis & reporting of data, the Wattics energy management software dashboard can help you better manage your projects and achieve savings for your clients. Integrate a multitude of data types incl. electricity, gas, water, CO2, air quality, production, operational and other 3rd party sources eg. degree days, BMS and more.

Discover our user friendly and intuitive features

Our innovative enterprise energy management software platform allows real-time energy monitoring and tracking of key performance indicators by organisation, site, area and even by appliance including manufacturing processes across distributed enterprise sites, projections of savings, IPMVP measurement and verification, tariff analysis, energy performance assessment, reporting and much more. The energy management dashboard is extremely easy to use while providing a range of innovative features needed to enhance professionals’ energy services.

Watch our tutorials to discover our user friendly and intuitive system features.

Who is Wattics?

Wattics simplifies building energy management through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Our energy analytics tools help you discover energy and cost saving opportunities that will improve your businesses performance. Used by energy consultants, energy service companies (ESCOs), energy managers, energy suppliers, utilities, energy auditors, facility managers around the world. Whether your concerned with energy savings, energy efficiency projects, behavioural changes or certification, Wattics has a solution for you.

Trend Analytics

Don’t waste any more time analysing raw measurements. Let our analytics engines compare your energy use against expected patterns and alert you with clear energy saving actions when your consumption becomes abnormal.

Wattics energy analytics monitor and benchmark usage across all utilities such as electricity, water, compressed air, natural gas, steam, wireless sensors and many other plant-wide performance metrics.

The platform is the perfect tool for energy managers and business owners making intelligent business decisions to identify energy wastage, save money, increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.


Measurement & Verification

Set baseline/reporting periods and routine/non-routine adjustments and let Wattics model your energy use and calculate kWh and €/$ savings. Our cloud-based Measurement & Verification tool offers an advance and effective alternative to conventional solutions based on spreadsheets.

The Wattics building energy management system allows you to focus on savings while simplifying the collection, storage and processing of energy data. Wattics supports a great deal of smart energy meters and sensors, while new meters are quickly added to the platform as required.


Analyse and compare your consumption and associated costs to identify where your money is spent within your organisation and where energy saving efforts must focus on. You can discover increase/decrease trends over periods and calculate your savings. You can also enter adjustment values, e.g. heating degree-day, and normalise your energy use and spend against operational and environmental parameters.

Wattics allows a full flexibility for customers to collect data from building, and process directly from smart meters, sensors and other databases such as process control systems and building automation systems. The hosted service allows users to easily access real-time data on-line from any web enabled computer.

Energy Monitoring Solutions Adjusted For Your Needs and Budget

We listen to customers! Hundreds of energy partners have driven our technology roadmap over the years, together we bring innovation, passion and an unprecedented value to shape today’s and tomorrow’s energy market.


Energy efficiency projects, solar, LEED, etc

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Retail Energy Suppliers

Deregulated markets, niche customers, new markets, enterprise businesses

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Energy Professionals

Energy managers, energy consultants, CMVP specialists, etc

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Hello Developers

Our technology works best in a rich ecosystem. We have developed many tools for integration with 3rd party systems, so review our API and various libraries to get connected within minutes.

About our API

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