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Wattics Energy analytics is a comprehensive, web-based, energy management software platform that provides real-time energy data, projections of savings, IPMVP measurement and verification, tariff analysis, energy performance assessment, reporting and much more. The platform is the perfect tool for energy managers and business owners making intelligent business decisions to identify energy wastage, save money, increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.

Wattics energy analytics monitor and benchmark usage across all utilities such as electricity, water, compressed air, natural gas, steam, wireless sensors and many other plant-wide performance metrics. The platform allows real-time monitoring of key performance indicators by organisation, site, area and even by appliance including manufacturing processes across distributed enterprise sites. The energy management dashboard is extremely easy and intuitive to use while providing a range of innovative features needed to enhance professionals energy services. In a click of a button the user can drill down on energy issues, develop personalised M&V reports, create smart notifications, energy trends and can personalize the management according to what you need.

Wattics allows a full flexibility for customers to collect data from building, and process directly from smart meters, sensors and other databases such as process control systems and building automation systems. The hosted service allows users to easily access real-time data on-line from any web enabled computer. The Wattics platform allows you to focus on savings while simplifying the collection, storage and processing of energy data. Wattics supports a great deal of energy meters and sensors, while new meters are quickly added to the platform as required.